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Depression: The Composition of Expectation, Failure, and Peace of Mind.

 It may sometimes feel like everybody's solution to depression is to prescribe you some medication and in some cases that is what you need, a quick solution to a long lasting problem. However, if you are here reading this, then you chose to weather your struggle and overcome your demons. It isn't easy being honest with yourself, it isn't easy moving forward and making decisions, it simply isn't. Yet, if it were easy would it ever be worth it?  

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How to Forgive and Forget: Mantra of Moving Forward

Either you or someone you know has muttered to themselves the simple mantra "Forgive and Forget". Many religious principles are founded on this ideology and share perspectives of how to be humbled by your hardships. How simple, right? To convince yourself that the people who hurt you are worthy of your forgiveness. Its hard to… Continue reading How to Forgive and Forget: Mantra of Moving Forward

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How to Find a Hobby: Stress Relief, Character development, and Interaction

Maybe you cannot remember the last time you had the time to deeply inverse yourself in a hobby you once had, but that doesn't mean you don't have one. Most people tend to willingly forget their passions and interests to pursue someone else's ideals. We compare and contrast ourselves far too often and we tend to simply forget what is important. Your realization begins now.

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Are Horoscopes Real?: The need for Validity and the 80/20 rule

What are Horoscopes?  Why are they so accurate? Why are they so wrong? Who writes these horoscopes? How do they affect my life? Horoscopes: Generalism and it's Thoughtful Insight There is something magical about Horoscopes. It's satisfying to be able to look up what is going to happen to us tomorrow, next week, or two months from… Continue reading Are Horoscopes Real?: The need for Validity and the 80/20 rule

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Is Karma Real?: Your guilt, your fear, and your growing anxiety.

Karma and its relationship with who you are, is not a means to an end. Its a common occurrence unfortunately, when we do something bad that our guilt builds up and expresses itself in our faces, in our actions, and in our speech. Our deceit, our malicious intent, and our inherent hatred towards someone else, once expressed, leads us to ask ourselves "Where is my judgement?".

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I want to Change: The Retribution of Awareness.

A Long Time Ago... You probably had it all figured out. The life you were living was easy. It was planned for. It was tangible. Yet, recently you have lost touch with the voice inside your head. The driving force for all your actions has been diluted and you begin to follow the motions rather… Continue reading I want to Change: The Retribution of Awareness.