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How to Forgive and Forget: Mantra of Moving Forward

Either you or someone you know has muttered to themselves the simple mantra "Forgive and Forget". Many religious principles are founded on this ideology and share perspectives of how to be humbled by your hardships. How simple, right? To convince yourself that the people who hurt you are worthy of your forgiveness. Its hard to… Continue reading How to Forgive and Forget: Mantra of Moving Forward


Communication Lesson One: Understanding Who You Are

Communication can take on a variety of forms, it can be written or vocally expressed but it can also be visual—body language and facial expressions play an important role in how information is perceived and understood. Ask one of your more enigmatic friends, coworkers, or family members and the one thing they will share with you is that there is an energy that you must be willing to transmit to captivate the hearts, minds, and opinions of others.