Confidence 101

Confidence 101: Failure and Self Appreciation

Life: “The Great Tribulation”

Isn’t it wonderful? How we spend most of our lives working hard to reach our goals, to satisfy the expectations of others, to feel a sense of accomplishment, only to fail miserably.

It takes confidence to do something. Be proud of that. Whether that meant asking out the person you like, whether that meant learning something new, or whether that meant moving on from a boring career, it all takes confidence. Yes, there will be times when we aren’t confident, our defeat, our rejection, and our worries will begin to hold us back, but we should never feed that pessimism. Its natural to be afraid of the unknowns, but only you determine what that standard is.

beard-2345810_1920Confidence and self-appreciation share an inverse relationship, you cannot have one without the other. For most of your life, you will remain unappreciated for all that you do. Its up to you to make your happiness a reality.  Can you take responsibility for your failure? If so, can you appreciate the choices you’ve made? Our ego, our judgement, and our abilities all come into question when we begin to ponder where we went wrong. We are our own harshest critic and by doing so we put ourselves in a vulnerable state of being.  Yes it does “suck” , but what is experience without its failures? What is a lesson learned if we never took the opportunity to learn? Trials and tribulations occur to sharpen our grasp on the world around us, they only help reaffirm the belief that true strength is cultivated, not given.

board-2434286_1920Appreciate that strength. The person you are now could not have been created without the confidence you gave birth to, the choices you made, the irrational risks you’ve taken, and your own unique sense of justice. Stand proud. Need help getting your confidence back? Here’s some tips to get you started.

  • Start over. No risks, no rewards. Plain and simple.
  • Look back. Appreciate your choices, appreciate your trials, appreciate life in general. Nothing will empower you more than your own experiences.
  • Embrace.  Your failures are your own. They are the defining moments that sharpen who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe.  Embrace your failures and allow them to become a part of who you are. Your confidence will be forged with the strongest mental steel as it reflects your true potential.
  • Smile. The more you smile, the more you’ll attract. The more you attract the better the smile. Its a never ending cycle that makes you feel good when you are down. Not only will people appreciate it, but so will you. people-2560872_1920

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