Personal Growth

How to Find a Hobby: Stress Relief, Character development, and Interaction

“What do you do on the weekends?”

“What do you do for fun?”

“Do you have any hobbies? Tell me something interesting about you.”

It feels like every time we meet someone new, we tend to ask them questions that offer us some insight into their personal background.  What better way to start a conversation than to ask someone about their favorite hobbies, interests, or taste in music? Hobbies by definition are activities that we do on our leisure time, they are dependent on our interests and they show us two things about an individual— their dedication and effort.


No hobby is worth its weight in gold unless an individual shows a passion— a conviction for their continued improvement and enjoyment. Now lets rewind. Have you ever been asked what your hobbies are? Have you ever drawn a blank to that question? Have you ever lied about having one? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have fallen victim to your own limitations. Limitations are boundaries that you mentally set, they often develop when your life has reached a certain level of predictability. Example: You work, eat, sleep at certain times. You save weekends for your friends or maybe even your lover. You tell yourself you don’t have anytime for a “hobby” and it pretty much snowballs from there. You don’t have time for yourself.

The concept of time is pretty relative and it can be easily fixed with some perspective. Due to its length I will discuss how to gain more “Time” in another post, but for now make space in your life for you.  Awareness is always the first step. So lets go back to the topic at hand. Maybe you cannot remember the last time you had the time to deeply inverse yourself in a hobby you once had, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have one. Most people tend to willingly forget their passions and interests to pursue someone else’s ideals. We compare and contrast ourselves far too often and we tend to simply forget what is important. Your realization begins now. If you aren’t willing to enjoy your past hobbies find a new one. You have to live like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy yourself. You probably will not have another chance other than this moment.

There are three benefits that possessing a hobby can do for you.

  1.  They help you de-stress from your everyday. With a hobby, your mind can focus on creativity and allow you to relax. Nothing can be further from your mind when you are having fun.
  2. Hobbies help shape your character. Being passionate about something shows your level of commitment and helps you develop the patience necessary to learn. This translate to a plethora of skills that you can apply in all other aspects of your life.
  3. Hobbies help you interact with other people. Sometimes our lives become too routine and they are dulled by our social isolation. We sometimes need the energy, the happiness, and the perspectives that others can offer us to enjoy our lives.


Finding a hobby can seem daunting at first. But remember, there are interest groups for every niche of your imagination. With so many different forms of communication available today, you can easily find like-minded individuals who share your interests. I also want to tell you this. Not many people are willing to look for a hobby, alot of us tend to fall within the cracks and dismiss our chances for fun. Let’s change that. Besides all the once a year gatherings, people with similar ideals and passions are scattered about just looking for something to do, but more importantly someone to talk to.

Lets find you a hobby. Here are some good starting points.

  • Do you want to be healthier? Join the gym. Go consistently. Eventually you will begin to notice someone and they will begin to notice you. Friendships will be formed. Maybe a potential lover is waiting for you there too.
  • Do you love music? Play an instrument. Learn off YouTube. Take classes if you want to perfect your skill. Ask people on forums for advice. Perform in front of your friends, family, or lover. You can let your creativity flow. You can finally express your emotions in a different outlet.
  • Do you love to eat? Cook. Make sure you buy a recipe book. Make two or three dishes a week with the ingredients. Understand the science. The careful balance of ingredients. Become familiar with all your tools. Take a class. Take a date there. Ask someone for advice or for a recipe. Take pride in all your failures. Cooking is a skill of patience, ingenuity, and preparedness. Cook for those you love. If that isn’t an incentive then I don’t know what is.
  • Ever consider doing something? Are you bold enough to take a chance to learn something new? Are you willing to hear someone out? Will you let their passions captivate your curiosity? Participate. Create. Evolve. Get a hobby.


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