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Miracles: How Their Existence Gives Us Hope


What exactly are they? Why is it so important to believe in them? Miracles are supernatural phenomenon that cannot be easily explained by science. They occur so infrequently that it makes us believe that some sort of cosmic force or divine intervention has answered our wishes. However for most of us, miracles are nothing more than a coincidence of nature. Our logical ideals and growing connectivity with the human collective has lead us to become more skeptical, more close minded, and more brittle.


Science: The Dismissal of Miracles

You see curiosity is important, but it ultimately leads us to a single conclusion. The more we know, the less we know. As we delve further into science, we come out with more questions than when we started. Take space as an example, as we begin to study the universe, it’s galaxies, and its stars with powerful observatories, we begin to notice that their unique shapes, patterns, and arrangements mimic that of our own atoms when we zoom into them. Amazing, right? Of course! But let’s establish one thing. Science and mathematics are tools we use to describe, examine, and influence the observable world. The observable world, as we perceive it, functions on a series of logical assumptions with a complete disregard for personal experience. In short, everything you know belongs to the the human collective, not to you the individual. Let that sink in. How much of what you actually know belongs to someone else? Sure you google for answers and you comprehend them, but is that knowledge truly created and understood by you? Not really. Perspective is really hard to imagine when you accept theories, postulates, and ideas as truth. Yes, there are generally acknowledged concepts and theories by the scientific community, but remember that truths such as these do not account for unforeseen variables. There will always be moments in life that are unique to ourselves.

Believe me when I say that the truest road to wisdom begins when we accept that there always isn’t an answer.

Let me offer you some insight. Life is full of unpredictability. I don’t care if you are a gifted millennial, a genius physicist, or a professional intellectual, miracles do exist. Believe me when I say that the truest road to wisdom begins when we accept that there always isn’t an answer. As we Humans become more technologically advanced we begin to place too much trust in the observable sciences. Although they do provide us with a lot of much needed answers, there are many situations in which science will never be able to offer a concrete answer. A cancer patient surviving an incurable disease, a homicide victim making a complete recovery, or a patient awakening from a coma are just a handful of medical mysteries that people can’t comprehend.

There are always chances for miracles if you are willing to seek them.

Miracles are Wonderful: They inspire our hearts, minds, and souls in such a way that they give us the strength and ability to appreciate life for what it is. Ask someone who has experienced one — and they will tell you something wonderful. They are amazed, grateful, and genuinely happier because of it. Despite our differences, we’ve all asked for a miracle in some form or another, some of us pray to god, some of us seek help from others, or some of us ask ourselves to make one happen. Somewhere deep down we still believe in the magic, we may not understand it nor we may not believe it at the moment, but it is there. Its part of life to appreciate its mysteries.

Experience love for the first time and you will understand what I mean.

Miracles play such an important role in our lives, they happen without fail in times when we need them the most. Remember: there are always chances for miracles if you are willing to seek them.  The only reason we stopped seeking miracles as a collective is because we no longer think they happen on their own, but that is only partially true. It will always take some effort on our behalf to reach a desired result. You can view it as luck,  or you can see it as years of preparations that lead to opportunity, but every ounce of your soul that you contribute will generate your miracles. From seemingly impossible occurrences like surviving an experimental surgical procedure or simply falling in love when everything was falling apart, miracles exist for those patient enough and grateful enough to seek them.

Want to generate your own miracles and see them in your life more often? 

  • Appreciate all the little things, there is magic in all that you experience. Breathe in the world, smile at a baby, tell someone you love them, all these moments and more become special when you become aware of them.

    Sometimes we need to marvel the little things we take for granted.
  • Never lose hope in all situations. Somethings just need your focus and spiritual energy more than you know. The moment you give up is the moment, you forfeit a miracle .
  • Never let your knowledge limit your faith. Place faith in yourself and what you can accomplish. Somethings only have a .00004% chance of happening, but the moment you put in some effort you create an unpredictable variable. You.
  • Pay attention. Some miracles only occur when it doesn’t matter, but trust me when i say all the little miracles mean something. Let them mean something to you.

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