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Is Karma Real?: Your guilt, your fear, and your growing anxiety.

What is Karma?

Karma is an ideology taken from both Hinduism and Buddhism that stems from the belief that your previous actions and decisions determine the outcome of your future. It follows a spiritual  chain of cause and effect that demands instant retribution. For example, lets say an individual cheats on her significant other. She lies about where she was, she lies about what she did, and more importantly she lies to herself  about the whole situation.

Its a common occurrence unfortunately,  when we do something bad that our guilt builds up and expresses itself in our faces, in our actions, and in our speech. Our deceit, our malicious intent, and our inherent hatred towards someone else, once expressed, leads us to ask ourselves “Where is my judgement?”.

Karma is real. If you believe it is. It makes sense, a cause and effect relationship will always show results in the way of well— a cause and effect relationship. If you find yourself seeking some sort of retribution for your actions, then what you said, did, or ensued will manifest itself regardless whether or not you believe in it. So here you are. Caught in the moment between now and forever and the only thing on your mind is the guilt, the fear, and the anxiety of some bad decision.

Lets be real for a second. The main reason you searched this topic was to provide you insight about your situation. Something must have happened. It always does. Don’t worry. Lets break it down together.

Whether karma is real or not is not the true issue. The issue is whether or not you can control the moral struggle inside of you. The human psych is always in an array of personal greed and morality, it consistently reinforces what we can or cannot do. It is due to this that we are at peace—a majority of the time. The questions then arises, what does happen when there is a conflict of interest? What inherently happens when we are forced to compete with each other? Two things are sure to happen. In any human exchange there is  always a winner and a loser, this is true in politics, in love, and in labor.

Due to our constant mental struggle, we find ourselves questioning our actions in search of some justification. We get anxious and we begin to validate social norms as a response. We exploited someone and we genuinely feel bad about it.  Anxiety is a hard thing to deal with, it is the manifestation of our guilt and our fear of atonement that encourages changes in our behavior. Let us admit one thing. There is a thrill in our lies and our deception. It makes us feel powerful and in control.


Somewhere down the line you are going to feel that karma is going to get you “back” for your actions. More often than not, it will and not for the reason you think. I’ll let you in on a little secret. You perpetuate every fiber of your being: Your insecurities, your anger, your doubt, and your guilt, constitute the majority of your personality. It is these involuntary character attributes that express themselves and leave you open to “attack” from someone else. Always remember one thing. There is a resonance to your feelings. People can sense that discord and react to it. The attributes you tried so hard to hide, will influence someone else’s. Let’s recall your experiences. How many times have you gotten angry and reciprocated anger as a response? How many times has someone in your life has been pessimistic and ruined your day?

This is where most of us find ourselves. After wronging someone, we feel it necessary  to receive some sort of divine “retribution”. This is cause and effect. This is Karma. However this does not necessarily mean we have to revisit this cycle. We just have to pay the price to move forward. So how do we get better Karma? Or in other words, how do we encourage good cause and effect in our lives?


  • Acknowledge your guilt. Read into this context. You definitely do not want to be cheated on, you definitely do not want someone to talk behind your back, and you definitely do not want to get in trouble for no reason. So why did you do it to somebody else? Maybe you cost someone their happiness, their job, their social likability, whatever it maybe. Admit you were wrong. Admit it to yourself first. Hear yourself say it. Surprisingly enough, you’ll gain the insight to remove any lingering sentiments of “spiritual retribution”.
  • Eliminate your fear. You’ve caused some major harm. You can admit this. The only thing left to do is bite the bullet and come clean with what happened. You can let the person you have hurt know the truth or you can come clean to someone you trust. The answers and solutions will always be different, but you can already sense yourself at peace. Remember the more at peace you are with yourself, the less resonate you will be to those who want to hurt you.
  • Recover from anxiety.  Somethings will inevitably eat you from the inside. Its common to expect some sort of spiritual punishment when your actions are malicious and hurtful. It’s part of your moral code. But whether you believe in Karma or not, there will be a cause and effect relationship based on how you act right now. Relax. We are all allowed to make mistakes. Do not let your building anxiety take away from everything else you can do right.
  • End your spiritual malice. You are here. Whats next?




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